The American Political System is Badly Broken

The 2017 election in the US resulted in the most unqualified president to ever occupy the White House. In a nation of 330 million people we had no real choice for president. The same can be said of most races.

The Democrats and Republicans are busy fighting and vilifying one another in a winner take all system and the American people are left without representatives that represent them.

There has to be a better system and many nations seem to have governments that better represent their people.


The Machine Gun Principle

1876 Gatling Gun

The basic idea behind a machine gun or a shotgun is that if you send enough high-speed lead¬†at the target you’ll hit it. I think that success in something is often like that. It can be successful sales, getting a job, taking good pictures, succeeding at sports, or whatever. If you just keep shooting at the target your chances of hitting the target are much higher.

Never Look Sloppy

Well Dressed Dog

My youngest son has been after me for a long time to grow a beard. I agreed to give it a week or two so he could get an idea what it looks like. I have often imagined myself with a manly beard. The reality of my beard is a thin scraggly attempt at real manhood that is best left untried. This time it is even worse as it is coming in alarmingly gray.

So about three days into this unholy experiment I went to pick up my son at the dance studio after his team’s lessons and found myself in front of a camera doing an interview. The studio is putting together a marketing video and needed parents to interview.

I have never been in front of a video camera for any sort of interview that anyone outside of my immediate family will ever see.

The lesson here? Never leave the house looking sloppy. The beard goes away today.



Google, the All Knowing

Google knows more about me than my mother does. They likely know more about just about all of us than the CIA and the KGB combined.

This kind of information is a dictator’s dream come true. Yes, Google is all good intentioned but then the US Federal Income Tax was only a temporary measure and Social Security numbers were never going to be used for more than tracking Social Security.

This kind of information is far too powerful to stay in only good intentioned hands.

The main problem with Google is that their stuff works so beautifully. Their products are simple, sleek, easy to use, and rock solid reliable.

Now, I have to go update my Google calendar, write some in my Google documents, and review my search history to find that website I saw a few weeks ago.