Life Without a Smartphone: Days 15 & 16

The phone was calling my name today. Just slip that sim card in… but I resisted.

I gave the phone to my wife this morning. I have still been using it some to take pictures and other things sort of like an iPod touch. My wife and I’s conversation went something like this:

Except that I gave up the phone. Elrond should have just given Isildur a good elf boot in the rump and pushed him and the ring into the lava. It would have saved many lives but then there would not have been that great story to tell. Fortunately, my wife didn’t have to push me into the lava. There is no change for her except that my phone is slightly newer than her old iPhone.

This has been an incredibly difficult change for such a seemingly small thing. The power of that iPhone is much more than its small size would indicate. The iPhone is supposed to be a great productivity tool and by its capabilities and specifications, there is no doubt that it is a powerful tool. What I am dealing with though is my own illogical brain. I feel that I have accomplished more things that matter in the last 15 days than I have in the last six months.

This productivity gain whether perceived or real is not logical. The iPhone is a tremendously powerful productivity tool, but then as the character, Dr. Gillian Taylor in the movieStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home said, “Whoever said the human race was logical?”


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