Time to Make Healthy Choices


Junk Food
Time for a course correction before I hit the dietary rocks

We have a crisis in the good old USA. We are overweight and unhealthy. We are making the medical industry very rich on our pain, suffering, and death. The doctor will give you a little pill to take every day but probably won’t counsel you much on the other things you put in your mouth. Why not? They know that few people will make the changes they need to even in the face of death or disability. Making dietary changes is that hard to do. The other thing is that there is no money to be made on broccoli for the doctor’s corporate boss.


I am 38 pounds from a healthy weight and on the edge of being obese. My grandfather died from a heart attack in his 60’s. My other grandfather had a heart attack that he survived. My uncle has had two heart attacks. My great grandmother spent about eight years in a vegetative state from a stroke. Are these things genetic and unavoidable? I don’t think so. My family comes from the South where fried food and lots of it are the norm and none of us like to miss a meal.

Wherever you live, look around you. The next time you are in the grocery store line pay attention to what is in the grocery carts of the people around you and see if the items in the carts don’t fit the bodies you see pushing the carts. We worry about ISIS when it is our own fork, spoon, and cup that are delivering the death blow to us.

We are killing ourselves and expecting the medical industry to swoop in and save us. We talk about heart surgery like it is getting a cavity filled at the dentist. They basically kill you and then bring you back to life. These drastic procedures are so common they seem normal but someone that is a vegan is considered a little strange.

I do not blame McDonald’s for our poor health or the companies that make all of the goodies in the candy aisle. It is no secret that eating a Big Mac is not the best thing you can do to improve your health. McDonald’s also sells salads but few people buy them. I am not convinced that the people working in our medical establishment are evil but the system is very broken and many are profiting from it. Hospitals and clinics spring up like weeds and our people and government are going bankrupt to prop up an unsustainable diet.

On a more green note, it makes little sense to grow food to feed animals then kill the animals to feed people. The resources would be far better used to simply grow the crops for the people. Furthermore, the conditions that the animals we eat and the animals that produce the animal products that we eat live in is like a torture chamber from a sci-fi horror novel. Not even a hardened criminal should have to live such a life but these gentle animals lead lives of misery and pain so we can have eggs, bacon, and milk for breakfast and a hamburger for dinner.

The ocean creatures are not faring much better. According to a recent issue of National Geographic, the fisheries in the South China Sea may be on the verge of collapse. We pay for our torture of the animals and fish with our own lives and health.

The solution is simple and has been well researched. An early instance of how to address this problem was given as a revelation to the Prophet Joseph Smith on February 27, 1833. This is where the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called Mormons, Latter Day Saints, or LDS) get their doctrine of abstaining from alcohol, harmful drugs, coffee, and tea.

Faithful members of the church do a pretty good job of staying away from drugs, alcohol, coffee, and tea but there is more to the revelation that very few of us do. The revelation also says that we should basically live on fruits, vegetables, and grain and that meat was to be eaten, “…only in times of famine and excess of hunger”. In other words, we should be vegetarians or vegans unless our survival is threatened.

One of the promises for obeying this revelation is that we will be able to “…run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.”

So here we are 184 years later with enough well conducted scientific studies to fill libraries that say basically the same thing the Lord said in 1833. Despite the revelation and all of that scientific evidence this very night in an LDS cultural hall (a gym that is connected to the chapel) somebody will be asking God to bless generous amounts of meat, cookies, cake, and ice cream to the “nourishment and strengthening of our bodies”. I can barely run down the stairs without being “weary” and if I walked far I probably would faint.

No worries, the church is a hospital for the spiritually sick and not a country club for the saved. I’m not saying that anybody is going to hell for eating meat. I just mainly want myself and my family to be as healthy as we can be and right now we are far from healthy.

In the last few years, I read two books that impacted me and one of my doctors has also been an inspiration. The books are The China Study and How Not to Die. Both of these books basically say to eat a vegan diet. How Not to Die has more detail as to exactly what to eat and is an easier read. My doctor recommended that I read both of these books, has been a vegan for a long time, and he is in good physical condition. I brought up the subject of eating and he gladly pointed me in the right direction.

Applied knowledge is what pays off so it is time for me to apply this knowledge. There are hikes to go on, backyard basketball games to play, and bike rides to complete.

We are free to choose what we do but not the consequences of our choices. My objective is to permanently become a whole food vegan. By whole food, I mean that if it takes much more than cutting it up and cooking it then it is not whole food. If it has eyes and a mother or came from something that had a mother then it is best left alive and walking, crawling, flying, or swimming.

I have tried this before but now I have all one or two of the people that read this blog to report to. I am going to finish one last Cherry Coke and jump into this new lifestyle with both feet. Let’s see what happens.

By the way, my canine buddy didn’t eat any of the junk in the photo.





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