Life Without a Smartphone Days 8 – 13


  • Difficulty looking up information when not by the computer
  • Since my iPhone address book didn’t get imported into the flip phone I don’t usually know who is calling me.
  • I’ve gone old school with my Franklin Day Planner. Planning projects on paper is much less flexible than planning them with electronic tools. With Todoist I can easily change the order of tasks in a project. Not so with paper.
  • Some apps on the phone are much more convenient than looking up the same information on the desktop.


  • The GPS is a great tool. It turns on automatically when the car starts and turns off when the car turns off. It notifies me of speed limit changes, school zones, railroad crossings, and other items.
  • Paper receipts are much more easily organized and dealt with using the planner.
  • With the paper planner that there is more of a feeling of accomplishment when checking off a to-do or goal than on Todoist. With Todoist the item just disappears and you don’t see it anymore unless you look in the log.
  • I finished reading an entire copy of National Geographic which I have not done since… well, I don’t remember the last time I did that.

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