Never Look Sloppy

Well Dressed Dog

My youngest son has been after me for a long time to grow a beard. I agreed to give it a week or two so he could get an idea what it looks like. I have often imagined myself with a manly beard. The reality of my beard is a thin scraggly attempt at real manhood that is best left untried. This time it is even worse as it is coming in alarmingly gray.

So about three days into this unholy experiment I went to pick up my son at the dance studio after his team’s lessons and found myself in front of a camera doing an interview. The studio is putting together a marketing video and needed parents to interview.

I have never been in front of a video camera for any sort of interview that anyone outside of my immediate family will ever see.

The lesson here? Never leave the house looking sloppy. The beard goes away today.




3 thoughts on “Never Look Sloppy”

  1. I’m not a fan of the latest trend to grow a “mountain man” type of beard. I’d have to agree full-heartedly with you. Never look sloppy. You never know when opportunity will come knocking!

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