Life Without a Smartphone: Day 6


  • I had to drive somewhere from memory and didn’t go straight there. The delay was only a matter of a minute or two.
  • No camera. I used the one on the iPhone that now has no cellular data. I deleted an app or two while I used it.
  • My wife is eyeing my iPhone SE, which is newer than her iPhone.
  • I could not call my Franklin Day Planner when it got misplaced. I found it after a few minutes searching.


  • A GPS in each car complete with mounts.
  • The GPS is better suited for driving than Google Maps on the phone. See more below.
  • Long before GPS and Google Maps, I had a great sense of direction and rarely got lost. That sense of direction may return without always depending on Google Maps.
  • A good example to my son. See below.
  • My shoulders that have been hurting for weeks or months have stopped hurting. I think the pain was from holding up the phone to look at it

I used the GPS to get to a place in a nearby town that I visit occasionally. It is deep in a big residential neighborhood and I always have trouble getting in and out of the place. The GPS displays the speed limit, warns me if I am speeding, warns me about upcoming railroad crossings and speed limit changes, has bigger text than Google Maps on the phone, and has a voice command system that works well.

A smartphone is like a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman Tool. It does a fair job at lots of things but does not do a great job at anything. Its main advantage is portability. A digital camera takes better pictures, a regular cell phone is ergonomically better to call on and the battery life is much better, a laptop or desktop computer is much better for typing and editing text and spreadsheets on, and a paperback book is better on your eyes. You just don’t have to carry around a suitcase full of stuff if you have an iPhone.

My 18-year-old son is seriously addicted to video games. He was home this weekend on a visit from school. I will write more about his gaming issues in another post. Yesterday we declared our home a video game free zone. We have done this in the past only to go back to allowing games after a short time. As I was talking to him I held up the flip phone and said. I am serious. He is aware of my World of Tanks Blitz Addiction problem and that I have stopped playing since giving up the iPhone. I explained the changes that have occurred for me in the days since I have up the iPhone and that he would experience positive changes when he gave up video games. He didn’t greet the change with anything akin to a positive reaction but I think that my actions with the phone lent credibility to my declaration of a game free home.




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