Life Without A Smartphone: Day 3

Day three dawned bright and sunny. Well, actually it dawned cloudy and raining but my disposition was bright and sunny and my head was filled with high productivity expectations.

All was not bliss without my unattached cybernetic “implant”. As my daughter and I got in the car to go pick up a friend of hers I could not remember where the friend lived exactly. Normally, I would look up the address on my phone and have Google tell me how to get there. No such luck. As I was sitting down to eat I started to reach for my iPhone to look something up. Later, I wanted to look up Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen, which is listed in an app of that name on my iPhone. Texting was again an almost impossible task.

I called my wife who gave me the address of my daughter’s friend. I entered said address into the Garmin GPS and was at the friend’s house in a few minutes. The GPS didn’t distract my eyes from the road with any notifications unrelated to driving.

At meals, I was able to talk to and concentrate on the other family members seated around the table. Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen was easily found on my iMac in his book, How Not to Die.

I had a very productive day. The main difference between having the iPhone and not having it is that I have much better focus without the phone. I am more focused and less distracted without the iPhone. Sleep came quickly with nothing to distract me from falling asleep.

With no blue light, games, or other information to distract me, sleep came quickly. Three days with no smartphone and I’m still alive and somewhat sane.


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