Life without a smartphone Day 2

Yesterday, I woke up envisioning a day of productivity and peace.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I have also cut my son off from his data on his smartphone and supplied him with a phone with a keyboard for texting but no data. This boy has had his eyes glued to a screen every waking minute that he could from the time he was eight years old and it has been a serious problem and a source of contention between us for ten years. Yes, the video games were the worst parenting mistake of my life, but that is a post for another day.

With visions of productivity and peace in my head, I tried to send some text messages. It was a painful experience with lots of backing up and erasing. Even calling is more difficult on the flip phone. No taps here, just lots of pressing the navigation ring and buttons. My new watch was also a little annoying to learn and is bigger than my Fitbit. I had to access Evernote on my iMac instead of my phone and I had no camera to take a picture or two that I wanted to take.

My son was in a state of depression. Without the digital distractions, he was feeling dark and cross.

I can’t speak for my son but for me, these were minor annoyances and were the price to be paid for the most focused and productive day of work that I have had for months. There were no distractions from World of Tanks Blitz, Boom Beach, news flashes, FEMA alerts, Facebook, never ending app updates or low battery alerts. There was no need to have the phone constantly connected to a power source to keep the battery charged. I didn’t even have to unlock the phone when I needed it. Nobody would want this phone and there is nothing on it that would gain much for them if they stole it anyway. Without the distractions, I was able to focus.

When bedtime came I read a few paragraphs in an actual paper book and went to sleep.




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