Yesterday was my first full day without a smartphone. The first thing I noticed in the morning was my wife sleeping peacefully beside me. I didn’t update the apps, check email, check my base on Boom Beach, or look at my todo list. I just listened to her breathe and enjoyed her presence.

I used my Moleskine to make a todo list that contained 15 items as opposed to the 84 that are currently on my Todoist task list.

At lunch, I bought a watch mainly for the alarms. I have been using a Fitbit for my watch. I bought the Fitbit to increase my physical activity and help me get down to a fit and trim 155 pounds. I’ve gained about a pound since then. I don’t really need the Fitbit to tell me I haven’t exercised enough, I’ve eaten junk food which has made me overweight, and that I have not gotten enough sleep. A quick look in the mirror can tell me all of that.

I attended a meeting in the evening and noticed all of the smartphones around the table. The thought occurred to me that I might need to go back to the iPhone but just as the thought occurred I felt the all too familiar pain in my hands.

I had to send a few texts during the day. Texting on the flip phone is a major pain and is very slow. A phone with a keyboard is likely in my future.

I went to bed and laid there a few minutes with nothing to look at. No games, no forwarding the todos, no reading the latest news on Trump’s antics. Within a few minutes, I was asleep and thus ended day one without a smartphone.