Giving up the Precious (Giving up my iPhone)

I have had an electronic device for many years starting with an HP 95lx palmtop computer.  I have owned and extensively used the HP 95lx, several Palm devices, one or two iPod touches, and three different iPhones. With every device, I have had pain in my hands and in my neck to go with it. Like Isildur in the Lord of the Rings said about the ring of power, “It is precious to me, though I buy it with a great pain”.


The iPhones of Middle Earth


Smartphones are somewhat like the rings given to mortal men in the Fellowship of the Ring movie. The phone and tech companies offer you something of great power but you pay a price in lost privacy and money for that power. We also pay an emotional, relationship, and productivity price.

After much thought and consideration and several months of being without a job, I have reached the conclusion that I need to give up my smartphone. It is about as difficult for me to do as it was for Bilbo to drop the ring and walk out the door. My Gandalf-like motivator is six months of unemployment, a son that is currently addicted to video games, my own addiction to World of Tanks Blitz, a near complete lack of moving ahead on the goals I have, daily pain in my eyes, neck, shoulders, hands, and wrists, and a desire to just see what will happen when I give up the iPhone.

I switched to a no-contract cell phone plan and have put down my iPhone in favor of a flip phone. It makes me feel like the good old 1990’s.


Flip Phone
Are you kidding human? You are going to use this instead of an iPhone?

The bill will be about $75 a month less money than I have been paying. Here goes…



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