Coleman Instant 5-person Dome Tent Review

The good:

  1. The tent was out of the box and up in 12 minutes, which is not bad for the first time setting it up and working by myself.
  2. It fits back into the bag that it came in.
    The tent fit back in the bag after it was taken down
  3. It was tall enough that my smaller self could stand up in the center without bending over.

The bad:

  1. One of the buttons on the poles failed to click into place right out of the box and I had to put a small stick in the hole to hold up the tent.
    The button would not pop out
    One of the buttons that worked properly
  2. The material the tent floor is made out of is such that every movement makes noise. Not a feature I like when I am trying to be quiet.
  3. It says it is a five person tent but a two or three person tent is more like it.

I returned the tent to Costco five days ago but bought another one today. At a price of $80 I will risk the quality issue. I got the new tent out of the packaging and set up in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. That fast setup will be useful on scout campouts where I need to be making sure that all of the scouts are present and accounted for and are not playing with a porcupine or some similar activity. 

This is the replacement tent. It was up in 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

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