Life Without Sugar… Day 2

Two Days ago I decided that the one best thing that I could do to shed my spare tire was to give up sugar. Day one went OK, but day two was more challenging. I got up late and rushed out the door without packing a sufficient lunch.

All would have been fine but there is the vending machine and the M & M’s have a insidious pull. I resisted and settled for a bag of almonds and a diet Coke…

and a bag of cashews…

and a bag of Sunchips…

Ooops… The Sunchips had 3 grams of sugar in them.

The only other sugar was possibly a pittance of sugar contained in a few slices of hot dog that were contained in the macaroni dish I had for dinner.

I won’t count the 3 grams of sugar as falling off of the wagon.


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